Jazz Class Options

Jazz I

Ages 6-10, 7-10

Students develop basic Jazz technique and skills in a fun, energetic and encouraging environment.  This class focuses on turns including chaines, piques, and pirouettes as well as leaps, walks, and styles.  No prior experience required; however, the student will be evaluated in the first class to verify a good fit.


Jazz II

Ages 9-15

Technique, balance, proper alignment, and more advanced choreography are taught in a fun, energetic and encouraging environment.  At least 2 years of Jazz or Ballet training is required.


Jazz III

Ages 10-18

Learn intermediate to advanced technique and Jazz styles.  Turns, leaps, and strengthening are main components to center work and across-the-floor combinations.  Evaluation required.


Jazz/Hip Hop

Ages 3-5

This class fuses beginner Jazz and Hip Hop terminology and technique, as students dance to popular radio hits.



Ages 3-5, 4-6

Students learn beginner Jazz and Tap terminology and technique in this high-energy class.  Students will warm up, move across the floor, and learn choreography to popular music.

Commercial Jazz

Ages 10-18

Highly choreographed, fast paced advanced class.  Commercial Jazz features a mixture of sharp and fluid movements, popping & locking, and animated expression similar to dances seen on commercial video clips.

Technique, Turns & Leaps

Ages 10-18

Students develop advanced technical skills in Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary technique, as well as turns and leaps.  The focus is on alignment, strength & flexibility exercises, and movement.  This is a great class for dancers preparing for dance teams, companies, and other troupes. This class will not participate in the Showcase or Recital.

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